Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Slower Week

Last week was a bit slower of a week, which I'm totally ok with!

Emily, Jace & Ben are on their end stretch of school.  They have 9 1/2 days left.  They have finished up with choir, strings, book clubs, and even homework ends this week.  They have alot of field trips, spirit assemblies, concerts, field day, and picnics with their new school and classmates.  All the big end of the year activities multiplied as their school closes this year and they get to know their new school and new classmates.  They are excited and all wound up!
Ariana has 10 1/2 days of school left.  She has already been to her kindergarten roundup and has already been able to see her new school as well.  She's sad to see school ending and will miss her classmates so very much!
Elias is the one with the big news!  He's walking!  On his own, without his walker!  29 months later he's doing it!  We are beyond excited!  He's still falling alot, and needs alot of help standing up and getting stable but he's doing it!  He will be getting fitted thursday for a new pair of AFO's now that he's up and walking.  He meets with his eye doctor today to discuss some of the concerns and changes with his eye sight.  He has the dermatologist and AFO fittings on Thursday and has his audiologist on Friday.  Makes for a busy few days.  He goes to his cardiologist next week and we will be meeting with his complex doc here soon.  We will also be talking with his geneticist and his GI doc about the continued stooling issues, as well as the hydration issues.  Fun busy times.
Bob and I are same as always.  Keeping up with the kids, the house, feeding everyone, and all those other fun things!  We have found a once a month cooking vegetarian menu and are going to be trying some recipes out this month.  Hopefully that will relieve some of the daily work of not having to cook quite so much each day!  We are hoping it's successful!
I will get pics and videos up soon!


amj523 said...

Eli, you are awesome!!!

All those Docs who didn't believe in your strength can eat their words.

Holly Mincher said...

WTG Eli! Keep going buddy!

Hi kids!! (waving)