Saturday, June 25, 2011

Updates and Pictures

Our kiddos had a great time at VBS.  They met alot of new friends, learned new songs, made lots of cool crafts, and played lots of games.  On their last day, Friday, we took tiny man and went for their assembly and stayed for the carnival.  Here are a few pictures from VBS.
Our good friends kiddos and ours.  youngest to oldest.

Eli and his best friend

our good friends kids and our kids!

Eli enjoyed getting to go out and see people.  All in all he's done pretty well.  He's been running a low grade fever of and on.  He's also been super fussy.  I have had to talk to his dietician multiple times lately as Eli is losing weight.  We have upped his feeds 3 times now and he's still losing.  We are on this current increase until monday and then we up once more.  If that doesn't work it's in the doctors hands.  Here are a few pictures of my tiny from these last few days.
Eli and his puppy (from his best friend pictured above with him)

My super silly little man
Today I went and got my hair done. I got it colored and cut and I love it!  Here's a pic!

Tomorrow we are taking all of the kids swimming.  They are really looking forward to it.  We found an indoor pool at our local recreation center with the zero depth entry.  It will be perfect for Eli to actually get to go with the family and enjoy water, without having to deal with the heat of outside.

This week wrapped up our 1st full vegetarian week.  As many of you know we have been slowly switching our family over to vegetarian food for the last few months.  We started with 1 meal a week and slowly increased as we found more recipes and experiment more with foods.  This week we had only vegetarian.  Lots of fresh fruits and veggies and lots of super yummy cooking.  The kids did great with it and we are really loving it.  We also made more household changes.  We've done cloth diapers, we've used towels and such instead of paper products.  This week we also made our own household all purpose cleaner, dish soap, toilet scrub, window cleaner, and laundry detergent.  We've taken the process slowly and switched over 1 item at a time.
We'll see what's in store for next week!  :)

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amj523 said...

Congrats on going green for your family. It's such a daunting idea, and you have so many daunting things in your lives that I feel like a lazy bum when I see how much you guys have accomplished. Hope you can share a few tasty vegetarian recipes when you get the opportunity!