Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Morning Memos

Yesterday was a nice day.  We played games and hung out in the morning.  We let little man get a nap while we all ate lunch.  Then we headed out to our local rec center for swimming.  They have the most amazing indoor pool.  There are 2 separate pools.  The one we spent the most time in never goes deeper than 3ft 3in.  So the little ones were able to stand and be in the entire pool.  It is a zero depth entry with a big water stand that flows along these big gutter lines.  You can block the water and manipulate it.  Then there is a huge tower that randomly dumps bucket, big spray areas and fountains, a lazy river that was beyond fun for the kiddos, and a huge slide.  They also had noodles and swim paddles and such.  Then the 2nd pool had a medium depth area for the older 2 with water basketball and such.  As well as swim lanes.  The oldest 3 went down the slide more times than I can count, and everyone enjoyed alot of rides around the lazy river.  Eli wasn't sure what to think of the water, and was very nervous at first.  He never specifically played in it, but did relax a bit and enjoy just being held in the water.  About 45 minutes into it he started getting really fussy and his skin was cold and moddled.  Bob and I took turns keeping him out of the water and cuddled up under a towel tucked against one of us.  He was beyond exhausted and darned near crashed on us.  He at this point got super hot and red and splotchy.  Gotta love issues with controlling body temp.  In the end we were at the pool right over 2 hrs.  Everyone had a great time and we will definitely be going back soon!

Today Emily starts girl scout camp.  She's excited to go and meet people and try out all of the activities.  The boys aren't quite as happy about her leaving!  :)

Yesterday I re-posted something that has been circulating around facebook.  It was something that greatly touched me and brought tears to my eyes.  It was an author unknown piece, not something I take credit for at all.  It was beautifully written and an amazing tribute.  I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do.

This coming weekend we head back to Wichita for the holiday.  The kids are excited to see their grandparents and I'm excited to get together with my friends.  Bob and I are even going to sneak out for an evening together!  It will be nice to have a bit of time with everyone to just relax.

Today Bob is at a job interview.  Fingers crossed that all goes well.  Then this afternoon I need to get a menu finished up and head to the store.  We are on vegetarian week 2.  The kids are doing great.  Last night we again tried a new recipes and everyone loved it.  We've had to reconfigure our fridge to allow room for all the fruits and veggies.  There are so many things that I never thought I would like, foods I have never been willing to kids are the same.  But we have been experimenting and trying so many different foods and so far haven't found many things we don't like.  I'm so proud of our journey into a greener healthier lifestyle.  The kids are doing amazing and we are hardly getting any complaints at all.  Makes us more excited to take our next steps in the next few weeks!

Upcoming this week:
Emilys camp...Eli's AFO fittings, 4 different therapies, Eli's new glasses, new meds, new appts schedualed, feeding/weight issues figured out for tiny man, new vegetarian recipes, our trip to wichita.  (I think that covers it but our week is constantly changing!)

More udpates and pics soon!

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