Sunday, June 19, 2011

Family Updates

I haven't done a family update in a while so it seemed like a good time!

Emily ~ Alot has been going on with her.  She has joined the girl scouts first of all.  She had her first get together last week.  They made shirts and SWAPS for camp.  She will be going to camp with them the last week of June.  They will spend 4 days and 1 night at camp.  She's excited and a bit nervous.  She has always struggled a bit with making friends so this will be a great experience for her!  She will be going to VBS this next week and is also looking forward to that.  She has met a few friends in the area and has spent some time playing outside with them as well.

Jace ~ He's doing sooo much better.  He had an appt last week with his pediatrician who got him in immediately for an appt with a doctor who specializes with special kiddos and medications for them.  She agreed that Jace's meds weren't right AND that his diagnosis wasn't quite right.  She agreed with the ADHD but also says he has an impulsivity / reactivity disorder.  She has added a new med and given some creative ideas to help deal with the anger and physical violence.  She said that ultimately the med will probably need to be doubled and a 2nd med added but wants to take it slow.  We have already seen a huge change in his behavior.  It isn't perfect but sooo much better already.  The ideas to deal with violence also seem to be helping some.  He will meet with her frequently as things get adjusted.  Jace will also be going to VBS next week.  He has met multiple kids in the neighborhood as well.  A little boy has spent alot of time over here and there is also a little girl Jace's age who says she loves Jace and has pinned him to the ground and kissed him!   :)

Benjamin ~ Ben is doing ok.  His meds aren't working well either.  When we moved they were in the middle of getting him to the right dose.  He will be meeting with the same doctor that Jace is meeting with.  He has also met a few friends in the area and has played a bit outside with everyone.  He is mostly enjoying having a large house with 4 floors to roam around.  He enjoys having his own time and space to be in.  He will also be going to VBS and is looking forward to it.

Ariana ~ She's the same little diva as always.  She struggles to find her space in her siblings.  She's younger and so girly.  She doesn't share the same interests as everyone else.  This can cause alot of issues sometimes.  She will hopefully be going to PreK in the fall and we are really hoping that helps her settle in a bit more.  She will be going to VBS as well and she's very excited to finally be old enough to attend!

Elias ~ He's doing ok this week.  A bit of a struggle with the heat, so pushing more fluids.  He's still losing weight and noboby is sure why.  His feeds have been upped twice in the last 10 days but the weight is still coming off.  He's been incredibly clingy and wants Bob or I to always be holding him.  Makes for fun times trying to get things done! 

Bob and I are ok.  Just trying to get life resituated.  He got all of his unemployment papers finished up online and now we wait.  He is applying for all the jobs he can possibly find.  We are hoping to find a job soon.  Unemployment is lovely in theory, but a job is our preference. 

Today we are going to spend the day out and about as a family.  We are going to the Art Museum for the day and then home for one of our family favorite dinners and a dessert of Bob's picking!  The kids are going to help me make the dessert for fathers day!  They are super excited!

This afternoon or tomorrow I will get pictures up from our day out today!

Happy fathers day to my dad and my husband!  You both are amazing and I can't imagine life without you !!!!

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amj523 said...

Glad to hear Ariana is heading to Pre-K. It made a world of difference for Eleanor to have friends her age and be seen as "good" at something. Keep up the hard work, family!