Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quick Thursday updates

still here.  Just busy. 
This week has been Emily's girl scout camp.  She got hurt her 1st day there but has done well the rest of the week.  She's enjoyed it and met friends.  We are so glad that she's done well. 
We have kept the others fairly busy.  We've been swimming, to the Y, to dinner and a s'mores roast at a friends house, on walks, had special snacks, and watched movies!  :)  Today we are going to a friends for a special craft project!
Eli has struggled this week yet again with his weight and hydration.  He also had constipation issues this week.  His docs are all talking to try and figure out what next.  My little man lost another 3 oz today.  He's going to wheelchair clinic today to see about getting his straps fixed on his chair.
We are super nervous about these next few days with this horrible heat coming.   We are travelling tomorrow and it's supposed to be 103 here and 105 PLUS in Wichita.  Hoping my cars AC can keep up with that as Eli's body sure can't.
More updates soon.

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