Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quick Updates

Multiple calls from docs yesterday.
Eli's main pediatrician called to again discuss all of the test results and what the "plan" was at this point.  He is getting all of the orders done for all the new meds, a well as for the AFO's, car seat testing, and endocrinologists.  He agrees with the possible need for growth hormones although he definitely wants the endocrine doc to deal with all of that.  Discussed the fluid needs and all of those things a bit more as well.
Also got a call from the urologist saying that he urine catch looked good.  Everyone is assuming at this point it is in fact a hydration issue not a kidney issue.  So that's good.
Eli has also been offered a spot in a preschool class starting this fall.  It's thru his therapy center.  He would go 5 days a week for 2 1/2 hrs each morning.  He would get intense OT, ST, and feeding therapy.  We aren't sure if this is something we are willing to do, as he will only be 20 months old when class begins.  It is something we are thinking about, but no firm decisions.
Eli also met with his in home speech therapist this last week.  She brought him a signing language DVD and he watched it for the first time yesterday.  He enjoyed it.  We are pushing more and more with signing and hoping to start seeing some glimmer of understanding soon.  We are also working alot on mimicing and hoping to see some soon as well.

Eli has struggled a bit these last few nights with his O2 levels and has dropped pretty quickly after falling asleep.  No other symptoms so far so we are hoping it's just one of his weird body phases that he goes thru sometimes.

The oldest 4 are busy this week with VBS.  They are really enjoying it.  It's been a great time for them to get out and meet new people.  This weekend we are going to go swimming for the first time and the kids are super excited about that.  It will be Eli's 1st time ever to go to  a swimming pool.  Hopefully he enjoys it as well.

Bob and I are about the same.  Just making it thru each day.  We are hoping to get back to the gym next week and really looking forward to having that time to exercise and de-stress a bit.

I will update more later this week as we have more info!

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