Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Night Already

Another week flying by. 
Eli~ He's stable.  :)  Always nice to say.  The hospital tests came back showing that his pertussis was still positive.  After lots of people talking, and a chat with Eli's infectious disease doc from his 1st round of pertussis, they believe that it's positive still because he had it a bit ago, not because he got it a 2nd time.  BUT he's already on the antibiotic to treat it for his motility so we are doubly covered just in case this is a new round of pertussis.  He is also back on his acid blockers.  Hoping that will help a bit more.  Eli met with his pediatrician on Tuesday.  She got the paperwork sent out for his full OT and speech eval and feeding therapy.  We are super excited to get to be doing this locally!  He will get to work with the same speech pathologist that he worked with way back when he 1st tried a bottle.  We really liked her.  He had PT this morning and did really well.  He met his goal of learning to sit.  We wrote a new goal to work on going from sitting to laying, and from laying to sitting.  He's a bit fussy this evening as his antibiotics are causing some GI issues which is making for some painful diaper rash.  He goes to his cardiologist next week to discuss the possibilities of heart surgery.  I'm probably more nervous about this appointment than any we have been to in the last 11 months.

Benjamin had his appt with the psychologist this Tuesday as well.  I was really impressed with her.  She agreed with his diagnosis of Autism and OCD and added 3 or 4 more to his list.  She really listened and talked and did some things with him.  Pulled his past records and all of those things.  I think she's going to be a great fit for Ben.  She 100% agrees that meds are needed.  She sent over a script and he will start that tonight.  She's starting him on 1/2 of the lowest dose 1 time a day and we will work up from there.   Hoping we are on the right track with this one.  Ben's new respite worker also started this morning.  Hoping he will be a good fit for Ben as well.

The older 2 are busy with school.  Jace is getting ready for his Christmas music program.  He's super excited about having a part in it, and singing his duet.  Emily has been pushing hard with her reading.  Everytime I see her she has a new book.  She's also been spending alot of time in itunes, she's got so many gift cards she's been having fun.  Books and music are her passion. 

Ari is well.  She is excited that she has Kids Day Out tomorrow and then because of the holiday she gets to go back on tuesday.  She loves it!  Such a good choice for her.

Well tiny man is crying so I'm off.  More soon.

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