Monday, November 15, 2010

Home...for now

We came home last night.  We pushed to get released.  We tried out a new hospital and it was a mess.  We won't be going back.
Eli's only official diagnosis from this hospital stay was aspiration pneumonia and acidosis.  His heartrate is still a bit elevated and we aren't quite sure why.  Temp down which is good.  This morning he woke up coughing and gagging so we got the lovely suction machine all hooked back up with clean tubing and ready to use.  I hate suctioning.  He's obviously breathing a bit faster since he's coughing and gagging.
This week we have to go to the pediatrician, surgeon, pulmonologist, and cardiologist.  Fun times.
The hospital is a bit concerned that the hole in his heart hasn't yet been closed and they think we should really discuss that with cardio.  We will see what his thoughts are.  Of course everyone admits that heart surgery with pulmonary hypertension isn't a good choice.  So not sure.  Hospital docs discussed an option not to do open heart surgery but to go in with a cath thru his thigh.  We don't know the best choice obviously and will discuss with his doc this upcoming week.
There is also going to be a big push on all ends to figure out the aspiration.  We are only feeding foods and all meds into his J, so his stomach is empty.  I am unsure how he continues to aspirate.  We have got to figure it out.  He doesn't need anymore long term lung damage.
More updates as we know them!

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