Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Already

We have been so busy this last week.
Emily~ She's doing well.  She's been busy with school and a new math program that they are working on.  She also made a newspaper with a friend for a class assignment.  They wrote an article and did a great job.  It look very professional.  She's getting really good on the computer.  She's been listening to alot of new music lately.  From the sounds of a few of the songs we are going to have to start monitoring and making choices on some of them.  She's not super happy about that but a few of the songs don't sound like something she needs to be listening to.  She's hitting that age where it's constant attitude.  We can definitely tell the hormone changes occuring.
Jace~ He's just go go go.  Yesterday he spent most of the afternoon outside playing with his friends and riding his bike.  Outside is when he's the happiest.  He is definitely going to be an outdoors man!  :)  He's been working with speech and his additional support.  He works on his handwriting each day with a special "helper".  We have already seen some changes.  He has been getting in trouble at school lately for lying.  It's an issue we are also seeing occur at home.  Something we are going to really start hitting hard on and stressing strongly to him that this can't continue.
Benjamin~ He's going thru a rough patch at the moment.  His meds aren't quite up to the correct levels and situated yet.  We know it takes time but this is always the rough period.  His OCD/paranoia have been pretty high.  Not fun.  He's doing well with his speech at school, and his new social skills program that he is working thru.  Ben is really enjoying his gymnastics and his teacher is really impressed with his progress.
Ariana~ She's pretty good.  Unfortunately she watches alot of Ben's behaviors so we see some of them crop up, and we are never sure if she's simply mimicking him, or if she actually has some of the same "tendencies".  She will have her next evaluation at the beginning of the year so we will see how she's doing.  She's loving her Kids Day out and will continue!
All of the kids have finished their 1st round of swim lessons.  Emily is learning to swim under water.  She has 1 skill left to master to move on to the next class.  Jace has mastered about 50% of his skills and has a little bit before moving on, but he's made great strides this month.  Ben did amazing.  He went underwater in the deep end to collect pennies off the bottom of the pool.  His teacher was super impressed.  Ari also did really well.  She put her face under to get pennies from the bottom and even did a back float all by herself.  All the kids will go right into the next round of swim lessons right after thanksgiving.

Eli~ He's pretty good.  He's getting so darned big.  He's made alot of really big developmental strides.  He's rolling all over the place and getting up on his hands and knees.  He's not crawling, but he is rocking back and forth a bit.  I am betting by January he will be crawling.  Not sure what we will do with all of his tubes.  He's already getting so tangled in them when he rolls.  His birthday is in 9 days and I'm not ready.  My tiny man is going to be 1 already.  His lungs sound pretty good.  They decided to put him on a full dose of antibiotics to treat another round of pertussis.  He meets with his cardiologist this week and I'm really nervous about that.  He also has his sleep study coming up this week and I'm looking forward to getting some answers.

Bob and I are pretty good.  Bob's working some hours, still not full time, but more than he was.  The 1st shift scheduale is definitely working out better.  He meets with his GI surgeon this coming week, and they will get all the testing started.  He will also be meeting with his rheumatologist soon.  He has his good days and his bad days.
I'm pretty good all in all.  They are still resituating my meds.  Some things seem to have improved some.  Most days it's just whatever we can do to make it thru each day.
Looking forward to thanksgiving this next week and spending some time with family.

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