Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hospital Stay # heck who knows anymore

Eli has had his cough for a few days, and as the week went on it got alot worse.  Friday overnight he started running a fever and hardly slept at all.  He was not feeling well.  By Saturday morning  he had 101.2 fever, his lungs sounded yucky, and he was miserable.  Doc said go to the ER for a chest xray.  So off we went.  he does in fact have pneumonia.  Go figure.  They admitted him and got an IV started.  He is on IV antibiotics.  They ran fluids last night thinking he might be dehyrdrated.  Turns out he isn't. 
His heartrate was super high, 180's even up slightly over 200.  He's been breathing pretty quickly, which isn't normal for him either.  His fever is down this morning.  His heartrate is higher than normal, but down from yesterday.
Everyone questioned us alot on why they haven't done heart surgery to close the hole in his heart.  HMMM.  We don't know.  We have always assumed our cardiologist has made the correct choice.  Everyone here has commented that he's one of the oldest kids they've ever heard this type of heart murmor in.  Go darned figure.
We are waiting on the doc to do rounds this morning.  I hate waiting.  More info when we have it!

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