Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Upper GI and Sonogram Results

This morning Eli had his modified upper GI.  They put the barium straight into his G and then took pics, waited a bit, and took more pics.  No refluxing, although everyone agreed this study didn't tell us anything and nobody knew why the doctor ordered it.  Soooo.  Anyways.  We talked to Dallas and they are all confused and trying to get things sorted out.  Then we called Denver and talked to IR(interventional radiology), and it was a great conversation.  He was super informative and you could tell he knew what he was talking about. They even carry every size.  WOW.  Super exciting.  They also have FOUR IR's on their team.  HOLY COW.  We have 1.  He said they do 3 to 5 J's a week, and have 300ish patients total that they do J's for.  I was super impressed.  We chatted for a while and he told me to feel free to call back if we had anymore questions.  Our local GI is calling Dallas to try to get us in there, but we are leaning towards Denver even though it is alot farther away.  We are just constantly trying to make the right decisions for Eli but it's so hard sometimes to know what the right decision is.  It's also so rough needing such a specialty area of medicine.  Most doctors around here have no clue what a Jtube is, what to do with it nothing.  It's rough and frustrating.  As of right this minute my tiny man is sound asleep hooked up to his feed and drain, content as could be. 

I also had my sono this morning.  My left ovary no longer has the large cyst, it just has lots of small fibroids, and my right ovary still has a cyst but it's alot smaller.  But my ovaries still aren't working correctly.  My OB made the decision to go ahead and start me on some new meds and see if that helps with some of the symptoms.  Right now we will keep checking in every 3 weeks to see how it's all going.

Ben is in quite the mood today.  Multiple tantrums, and he's on the move tonight, refusing to stop and sit.  His respite worker tonight is shocked at how much he's on the move.
Jace is pretty good.  He's working hard on his spelling words this week, and his handwriting.  We are definitely slowly seeing some improvement.  This is his 1st week back on IEP, so he's getting resituated with speech and such.
Emily did a newspaper project for school and had alot of fun with it.  She did a great job.  She went down the street this afternoon and spent some time playing with some new kids she met on the bus.
Ari is same as always.  Busy busy.  She's always trying to keep up with the big kids.  She spent some time outside playing with the little neighbor girl.  They both get along well.

Bob is loving 1st shift and enjoying being home every afternoon and evening.  It's really helped out alot.  His new meds seem to be working a bit, with a few unwanted side effects.   We know it will take time for it all to get situated.

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