Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring + Easter = Snow

We woke up this morning, and looked out the window and everything was dusted in white. Go figure. It snowed all morning and stopped early afternoon. go figure.
Yesterday we decided to color eggs. I came up with the brilliant idea to blow the eggs out so that we wouldn't have to keep them in the fridge. This was beyond time consuming. I'm not sure if this is something that we will ever do this again. However the kids had lots of fun coloring the eggs and they turned out super cute. After the kids went to bed, brian and I spent over 2 hrs setting up their easter egg hunt. We made a scavenger hunt out of it. Each egg had a picture clue sending them to the next location. they did this for 18 clues until they found their baskets. Then they spent the rest of the day playing with their toys, coloring, watching TV, and playing the Wii. I got started on sewing a dress for Emily. It's going pretty good so far.
My spring break is over, and i'm back at school tomorrow. I'm not excited to get back. It's been nice being here at home this last week with the kids. It hasn't been quite so hectic.
Ariana has her recheck at the doctor tomorrow after her ear infection. She seems to be doing alot better, but still pretty croupy and congested. We shall see. She still isn't walking yet, but is making a few more sounds and babbling. She has therapy again this week, so we'll see how that goes.
Benjamin is doing ok. He is still struggling to go to the PECS cards on his own, but will go sometimes if we remind him too. it's worked some. He's on a major food strike right now, worse than we've ever dealt with. he doesn't eat dinner at all, and eats a minimal amount during the day. We met with a private speech therapist and he will hopefuly be adding her to his therapy schedule here soon. We have his big IEP meetings coming up in April, and we are a bit nervous to see how those go.
Jace is doing good. He had his speech clinic 2 weeks ago, and was referred on to the speech pathologist at our local school. Since he will be going to kindergarten there, they are just going to start his therapy there. He is also scheduled to go get his hearing tests redone now that his last tube has finally fallen out.
Emily is doing well. She's enjoying school. She's reading alot, and is now on to full chapter books. the other day during quiet time she was reading Brian's bible! She got a book teaching her string games, like cat's cradle, and such and she's enjoying figuring those out.
we leave for kansas city on friday and then brian and i will return saturday with no kids. WOW.

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