Friday, March 7, 2008

Settling Down

my knee has settled down for now. The doc is pretty sure it will flair back up but for the time being it seems to be doing well. We did a good job of making it to the gym every day, and we just did upper body workouts until I was able to start using my knee again. yesterday we started back with our full cardio.
Yesterday morning I weighed 169!!! I'm soooo excited about that! i'm having to constantly count calories lately as I'm finding that I haven't been eating enough, which causes me to get stuck on my weight loss.
School is going pretty good. i finished up my exam and presentation in ASL yesterday.
We are just finishing up this last stretch this month! The kids are going to go stay with my parents for their spring break the end of march beginning of april. it will give me time to get my research paper written and study for my midterms. fun fun! i'm also hoping to get some major spring cleaning done while they are gone!
We have a babysitter tonight and are going to go to dinner and a movie! It will be nice to get out for a bit by ourselves!

new pictures on dropshots! the link is to the right under our photos.

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