Thursday, March 13, 2008

Medical Scare

It's been quite the day today. I got a call this morning that didn't start the day out well at all. one of Ben's therapists had been on a 10 day vacation in Mexico. She is back and did Ben's therapy session on Tuesday here at home. Apparently she hadn't been feeling well and went to the doctor. The doctor thought that she had meningitis. So they call everyone who's home that she had Ben at. Mind you she had been around Ben, Ari, Bri, and I. Ariana got sick yesterday and wasn't feeling well at all. The therapist was having the spinal tap this morning so they would know for sure in a few hrs. So i immediately call our family doctor and he tells me that I need to take Ari to the ER and have her tested and to carefully watch the rest of the family. We decide to give it a bit to wait to hear how the therapists test comes back. After 3 agonizing hours, with lots of thinking and freaking out, and staring at Ari and all, the phone rings. My heart was pounding. Her test came back negative. She apparently has a viral sort of infection and fulled a muscle in her neck. So it was actually 2 completely separate things that put together looked exactly like meningitis. HOLY COW. so I called our doc and he said obviously don't go to er and let's just watch Ari and see how she does as it's probably a cold.
As a parent these kind of things are just beyond scary.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is scary...So much nasty stuff going around these days!!


Chelle said...

WOW That is scary! Why can't the crazy stuff just let you have a break! Things have been crazy for you lately! I'll keep y'all in my thoughts and prayers! Glad that it wasn't what she thought it was!