Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jace is growing up

it's always been a little joke for Jace that he and i "go on dates" He will hold my hand when we are out shopping sometimes, sit next to me at dinner, or he and I may even get a bit of time to go out just by ourselves. He informed me that I wasn't allowed to tell anyone that we were dating cause he didn't want daddy to be sad. Then one day he had Emily help him make a paper ring and he gave it to me. He was so cute. When we were in Wichita last time my mom took him to lunch and out shopping. She asked him if they could go on a date and he told her no, because he would have to break up with me first. I thought it was absolutely adorable that he was being so sincere and faithful! :) then one day he makes this paper all decorated with hearts and love stickers. He wanted to take it to school but kept forgetting. finally he remembers and i ask him who it's for. he tells me it's for one of the little girls in his class. i ask him if he likes her. he says yes, but that they haven't held hands or kissed. i smiled. then as we were walking into his class he told me that his head was telling him that he needed to tell me that he was going to date this little girl in his class. i told him that i thought it would definately be okay for he and i to not date anymore. i told him that i was sooo much older than him and that with me being his mom and all, you know...i told him that she was his age and probably a much better match for him! as we walked in the door, he told me moms still get kisses and lovin though! this was all about 2 weeks ago. today they both walked out of their classroom together and as we were walking to the car jace was just smiling away. he says that she is nice and cute and pretty! i think it's beyond adorable!

in other news...Ariana is sick. She has a double ear infection and a sinus infection. She hasn't been super thrilled, as you can imagine.
Benjamin is doing well. He's working on PECS, and even used it twice yesterday without any prompting! I was very excited about that!
Emily is doing well. She's working on some state math requirements for school that is keeping her pretty busy. She takes after me, she loves the reading and writing but hates the math. When she puts her mind to it she is good at it, but she doesn't want to try. Last week it with Donuts with Dad at her school, and she had alot of fun. They ate donuts, read books, and got to hang out for a bit, just the two of them. Next month is muffins with mom!

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