Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Morning Announcements

Damaged (sick) mitochondria can cause children and adults to have problems in making their bodies work.

Mitochondrial disease is NOT contagious, which means you cannot catch it by touching or being near someone with the disease.

It is a genetic disease, which means it is part of your family’s health history.

Currently there is no cure for mitochondrial disease.  Our family wishes every day for a cure, as do so many other families out there.

This fundraiser goes to helping learn more about Mito and to help try to find a cure. 

Remember to continue bringing in change and bills to and placing them in your donation bins in your classroom.  Remember that the winning classroom wins a pizza party!

Tomorrow is the last day to bring in your donations and it is also the day to wear green!  Green is the mitochondrial disease awareness color! 

Remember if you ever see Eli in the halls of our school, remember that he loves to talk and play and that you can’t get sick from talking and playing with him!  He enjoys books and laughing and having fun!  Feel free to say hello!

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