Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Morning Announcements

Mitochondria are like tiny batteries within our cells.
Have you ever tried to use something that wouldn't work properly because the batteries were dying?
That's what a person's body is like that his mitochondrial disease.
A new (healthy) battery generates energy for boom boxes, cameras, and flashlights - producing light, sound, and photographs.
An old (sick) battery has a lot of trouble making your things work.
Eli is not able to eat.  He’s not able to swallow food and his stomach doesn’t work to process the food either.  Because of this Eli has a special feeding tube that feeds his intestines. 
Eli’s eyes and ears don’t work well either.  He has hearing aids and glasses that help him see and hear.

Eli learned to walk recently and is now able to walk and play with us more.  He enjoys chasing us and playing with his new puppy.

Please remember all week to bring in your change and place it in the collection bins in each classroom!  The class to collect the most money wins a pizza party!

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