Monday, September 10, 2012

School Awareness Week and Mito Drive Day 1

We all have Mitochondria.
They exist in nearly every cell of the human body
Mitochondria generate 90% of the energy the body  needs to see, hear, walk, and breath.

Eli’s Mitochondria do not work the way yours and mine do.  That is why he has 14 parts of his body not working properly, is on 62 medications and treatments a day, uses 13 pieces of medical equipment and sees 37 doctors.  He also reads around 20 books a day, and pulls out 2 bookshelves full of toys each day scattering them all over the house for us to step on! 

Please remember all week to bring in your change and place it in the collection bins in each classroom!  The class to collect the most money wins a pizza party!
Above was the morning announcements.  We passed out all of the donations bins to the classrooms, hung posters, made the announcements, and chatted with the principal and office staff.  It was a great time and the kids are so excited.
I am running in circles this evening but will get a full update up on Eli this evening hopefully.  Alot is going on with Eli and I know that everyone is always anxiously awaiting Eli updates so I promise to get one up tonight!

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