Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Announcements


Mitochondrial disease is the body’s failure to turn food into energy.

Mitochondrial disease is underlying in many different illnesses.  Some of these are cancer, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s and many more.

Eli and so many other mito children and adults are warriors.  Eli is our families superhero.  Battling each day to stay strong. 

How can you help those with mitochondrial disease?

You can raise money for research and patient support just like you have done this week.

You can tell your family and friends what mitochondrial disease is.

And you can join our family for a fundraiser walk on Saturday, September 15th at the TBones Stadium.

Our family would like to thank you for the outpouring of support and generosity this week.  We are forever blessed.

You can continue to follow Eli’s journey on the blog or by simply asking whenever you see us in school.
You can join our team or make an online donation by clicking HERE for Team Eli's Journey

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