Saturday, April 5, 2014


This Horrible Yet Wonderful Grief - Rewrite
by Emily Moore
This grief this horrible yet wonderful grief
it will crush your heart
and change your life
it will motivate you
but it will drag you down
just keep going
they are angels watching over us
guardians of the night
keeping away fright
it comes and goes just like day and night
up and down like roller coasters
but will never grind to a halt
still thinking it's my fault.
The time flies by
as I see the sky
the sadness engulfs me
the hidden tears now run free
all the what ifs
all my thoughts saddened
my heart becomes distraught
my mind overwhelmed
my heart unbound
as I remember
the December day you were born
I also remember that frightful night
when your light was burned out
the air fills with heart breaking screams
wishing it was a dream
on that night
i watched you battle
you lost the fight
i watched 4 children
one by one
their dreams crushed
their lives changed
their hope lost
their confusion
their misunderstanding 
mom crouched over calling for her baby
dad saying save him, save my son
doctors running
On that fearful night
that tragic night
I learned a lesson
and death
I learned most of all
how fast your life can be changed
how quickly things can be rearranged
this horrible and wonderful grief
made me sad makes me mad
but also taught me lessons
brings old memories fresh to mind
making the time fly by

by Emily Moore
What will I do
How will I carry on
I have to face it, you're gone
almost 12 months have flown by
like birds in the sky
Still I remember when I grasped your hand
I fear for what will happen
When it reaches a year
Can't shake this feeling
of sadness anger and fear
I have had this feeling all year
A year without your smile
your face, your laugh
your heart used to beat all so precious and perfect
your little art you left in the rooms all now empty and bare
Your smile still fresh in my mind
I can no longer see
Your laugh so heart-pulling
Is no longer ringing
I hear nothing, nor see a thing
I see colors of your youth
very tiny, only three
I see and feel you near
When I stand here
The wind blowing through my hair
The butterflies in the sky
But now I'm left here wondering
How I'm supposed to keep going
To live laugh and carry on
When the simple fact is you're gone.

by Emily Moore
Seems like it just happened yesterday
we were laughing and playing
saying I love you tiny man
you would laugh till you fell over
your little snort and cough
you lit up any room
consuming in books making us sign them
your toys covered every corner
your glasses down on the end of your nose
your cheeks like roses
your smile so bright
sleeping so soundly at night
clicking sounds when you cuddle
made my heart melt like ice to a puddle
your clapping at the worse times
signing reading you all your books and rhymes
your little waddle when you walked
oh so cute and perfect
the way you talked and signed hi
never wanting to say bye
your little sign language
demanding everything you signed 
your hands and feet so tiny
you were sometimes so whiny
seems like forever
since I've seen you so clear
thinking of butterflies
and hearing cries of happiness and sadness
remembering those days
those beautiful wonderful times
feels like it's been years
but in reality it's been almost a year
I will always have memories of those 3 years
always will be clear
as my tears will fall
as I hear you call
hi for the last time
remembering the good and bad times
never will they be forgotten.

By Emily Moore
written following her friend's suicide
Everyone has stories
good and bad
they can happy or sad
also scared or angry
it depends on the person
they can have memories
fun or boring memories
stories can end quickly like death
or can be long like life
stories can have first loves
and heartaches
they can have old and new beginnings
they can have color
black or white
emotion or emptiness
everyone has stories
they can inspire or can be powerful
but stories are words
and words make big differences
so before you end your story
just think about other people's stories
stories that are similar to yours
stories that have endings and beginnings
so before you do anything you regret,
what's in your story?

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