Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No Words

Emily jumped in the car today and told me that there is a Poetry contest at school and she's entering.  Then she started to read.  Gosh darned the girl because I was attempting to drive.

"This Horrible Yet Wonderful Grief"
by Emily Moore, age 13

There is a grief that ages the face
and hardens the heart
and softens the spirit
A grief that casts shadows on the eyes
yet broadens the mind
A grief that keeps the pain and has no words
but increases the understanding
There is a grief that breaks the heart and wounds the soul
that lasts and lasts and can shatter in a minute
but will inspire for a lifetime
It comes and goes just like day and night
up and down like roller coasters
but will never grind to a halt
still thinking it's my fault.
The time flies by
as I look up into the sky
The sadness overwhelms me
as the bottled up tears run free
all the what if's
are thoughts as
my heart is distraught
my mind overwhelmed
my heart unbound
as I remember
the December you were born
I also remember that frightful night
when your light burned out
I then put out a heart breaking scream
wishing it was a dream.
On that night
you lost the fight
I watched four children
one by one
their dreams crushed
their lives changed
their hope lost
their confusion
their misunderstanding.
On that fearful night
that tragic night
I learned a lesson
and death
and I learned most of all
how quickly your life can be changed
how quickly things can be rearranged
I learned and am still learning...


Ashley DeStephano said...

Beautiful and profound words. Great job, Emily!

Kimberley Kretzmer said...

That is a wonderful poem...woukd Emily mind if I share it with my children? We have 6 children still struggling daily for each day and our other 3 having lost 4 siblings already trying to find a way through. As my 16 yr old said it is hard enough living with the loss of their brothers and sister but knowing everyday could be the last for the others is far harder.