Monday, November 4, 2013


We are home.  Moved, unpacked, kids in school, mostly situated.
I'm relieved to be home.  I am missing Eli more than I had imagined though, and that's been tough.

Ariana ~ She's loving the new school.  She was more nervous than expected the first day and by the time she was picked up that afternoon, she was happy as could be and had of course made a whole group of new friends.  She is such a social butterfly and makes friends wherever she goes.  She has enjoyed sleeping on the top bunk in her shared room with Emily and hasn't fallen out of bed at all!

Benjamin ~ Wow.  It's been such a shock how this move has effected him.  His new school has been AMAZING.  His teacher has been great in getting things set up for him.  He had all of his labels and schedules on his desk and ready to go.  Right now we have been sending a weighted vest back and forth while they get situated.  They have 2 sensory rooms that they take him too as needed during the day to allow him to get rid of some of his extra energy.  He has started speech and says he likes his new teacher.  He has come home fairly relaxed and has even told us some stories about his day and what he's learning, which for Ben is un-heard of.  We are hoping this continues!

Jace ~ He's enjoying his new school as well.  Elementary school goes thru 5th grade here so he's enjoying being the top dogs in the school!  :)  He has already gotten involved in band and they meet 3 times a week, which is 1 extra time then he did in Overland Park.  Jace and Ben have easily fallen in line sharing a room, as this has always been their preferences, even when we had enough space for them to have their own rooms.

Emily ~ She's doing well with school.  She likes her new school and has already made friends as well.  She's involved in orchestra and choir, and that is and probably always will be her top priority!  She has an audition on Thursday to get in with a very accomplished elite private tutor here in Maize, so she's practicing away for that.  It's been a bit more of an adjustment for her sharing a room with Ari, but not to bad.  Ari prefers to be out in the family room so Emily ends up getting all of the privacy that she wants.  Emily celebrated her 13th birthday on the 27th of October.  I still can't believe we officially have a teenager!  She's getting so old!

Bob and I are getting situated.  It's been a big move and a big adjustment but we are already seeing so many of the things we had hoped to see with this move.  We are definitely confident that we made the right choices.

Halloween was tough for all of us.  The first big holiday without our baby.  How he loved dressing up and seeing his siblings dress up.  He would always get bundled up in his wheelchair and loved going house to house seeing all of the kids.  I was very thankful that it was dark out as I had tears pouring down my face for the first half of trick or treating.  It was tough.

I will get more up soon.  Just wanted to give a quick update letting everyone know that we are here and getting situated.

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