Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Funeral and Burial Video

I have been meaning to share this video for a few weeks but just haven't yet. I'm honestly not sure why.
Like all of the videos it is raw and unedited photos. Our amazing photographer friends both spent the day capturing Eli's funeral and burial. They got the laughs, the tears, and everything in between! They are beautiful!

Be sure to have your speakers on.  For those who attended the funeral it will sound familiar, for those who didn't attend, the songs in this video are the 4 songs we chose for Eli's service.


Hope Bruns said...

Very Beautiful.. we send our love n warm thoughts to you and your family. I cant imagine, we have 2 boys with a mito dx. We are so lucky they are mildly affected. Eli was a very special lil boy loved by many and a loving family whose strength n love is beyond any I have ever seen! HUGS to you all! Love n Light, Hope, Tim, Andy, Austin, Adam , Phoebe & Rhyan

Shale Climber said...

Time to quit wrapping yourself up in the death of the dead and get back to playing a meaningful role in the life of the living.

Shale Climber said...

Time to quit living in the shadow of the dead and get back to the world of the living. You have 4 other kids.