Tuesday, January 8, 2013

quick update

Heather went back to surgery. After surgery we will be going to ICU for recovery. They poked her three times for IV but they finally got it.They will be putting another IV when she is sleeping. They also will be giving her some hydrocortison for her adrenial insuffiency. will update  when i know more.

They started the surgery about 45 minutes ago. she is doing very well vitals are good. they made the incision to remove the bone to get to the brain. Anesthesiologist is very happ with how she is doing. 
they said that the time between now and my first post was getting her preped . 

They are sewing up her incision. All went well very minimum blood loss and vitals were good. They don't have any icu beds available. They are hoping to have one soon. there are some paitients that are moving from the floor. They are moving her to a recovery as soon as they finish closing. They will have a critical nurse with her. We are currently waiting for the doctor to come and talk to us. Should be within the next hour or so.

Doc just came she did very well they removed part of the skull and part of the 1st cervical vertebrae. They put a patch on the dera.She will be moved to recovery for awhile and then to the icu. He says not much to worry about just have to keep an eye on the incision. Make sure that there is no fluid build up. That can happens over the next couple of weeks.other than that they will be keeping an eye on pain management. 

She is having some nausea and the nurse. Isnt allowing anyone to visit right now. They say she won't know who I am. Giving them an hour more. Before I push somemore.

She is sleeping now. They have given her meds for the nausea. No visitors yet. They are continuing to keep me posted. I got to see her from a very far distance. So wish I could just hold her hand. This isn't easy but what u gonna do. Can only push so much. Before its not helpful. No icu beds available yet.worse case she could be in recover overnight 

Finally got to go back. She is super tired I'm sure it's the meds. Super sore . Looks like we will have a bed tonight. They are cleaning one as long as nothing critical comes in the room will be ours thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

Got a room. Still in a lot of pain on the head and neck. She is dry and nauseas. They have given her some more meds. Hopefully they will help her sleep. Will update more tomorrow. Goodnight  to all of u and thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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