Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nerves and Anxiety

My parents got here this afternoon.  My moms room is set up and she has begun unpacking.  My dad will be here at least a week and my mom around 8 wks.
I did my last grocery trip.  I cleaned house a bit.  I made my final to-do list. 
My neurosurgery is in less than 38hrs. 
Tomorrow Eli and I get lab work in the morning.  Ari has elimination clinc.  I meet with the neuro-opthamologist to check my intracranial pressure, and I spend some time with my family.
My nerves have fully kicked in.  I'm fidgetty and anxious and feel like crap.  I want to go to bed and sleep until my surgery AND I want to stay awake the whole time spending as much time as possible with my family.
I just want this to all be over with, all be a distant memory. 
Right now this all seems larger than life and scary and unimaginably hard.  I long for the day where things settle and life calms down.  Where we can breath easily, not constantly worrying about the next thing. 
I will do my best to get a blog up tomorrow as well.
Bob will post updates as he has them.

Here is the mealtrain link for those wanting to help out with meals.
You can also send gift cards etc to the address listed. 
Lastly you can make a direct donation thru paypal to help go towards meals to
I thank you and so does my family!

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