Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 2 of surgery and recovery

Heather had a rough night. She had a lot of pain nausea and muscle spasms. They have been giving her meds but they aren't working either long enough or well. They also gave her a muscle relaxer to help. She is also on magnesium and they tried her on potassium however it caused her a lot of pain. they will be trying some oral meds when she is less nauseous. Just letting her rest for the day. hoping for a quiet and some positive progress. Waiting for the doc to come by and see what his plans are.  I will update when I know more.
They have given her a muscle relaxer and some linocain patches. She is also trying some apple juice and crackers and if that goes well then they are going to try some pain meds by mouth. The oral meds are supposed to last longer. She is still in a lot Of pain and discomfort. Doc still hasn't made it in yet. The plan is to go to the regular floor if a room opens. Just hoping things get a little more comfortable. She is still really tired so hoping she can get comfortable and get some well needed rest.

8:30 pm
Heather is doing better.they are finally on top of the pain portion of it she was at about 6 or 7 now about a 3 on the pain scale. Nausea is better. She got to sleep abit they only have to check in on her every 4 hours now. Hoping that all goes well and she can get some sleep tonight. She has been able to talk some which has been nice. No surgeon today hopefully he will check In tomorrow. Still a possibility we may get moved out of icu tonight or tomorrow. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers

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