Thursday, January 12, 2012

Geneticist / Mito Doc

We met with Eli's geneticist and Mito doc today. We spent a little over 2 hrs there.
1. Blood Sugars. He agrees that this is a huge issue that needs to be immediately gotten under control. He agrees that we need to try one more option before our final 2 options. Right now we are going to try water and cornstarch. He's hoping that it will be enough to help increase his sugars enough to protect from these big hypoglycemic drops. If this doesn't work we are left with 2 options. If this doesn't work we will discuss Glucagon injections, and if that doesn't work we will be discussing (AGAIN) permanent access to allow for Iv fluids to help keep everything up.

2. Next we discussed Eli's growth and weight. He knows that Eli is in on the technical highest dose of HGH BUT we CAN go up if we need to. Currently Eli is back on a downward spiral on his weight and his still struggling to stay hydrated. He's not sure why this is happening as he is technically getting way more than what he needs in calories, fluids, and everything else. He ran some lab tests today and is going to go over everything with a fine tooth comb and see if he can come up with a better feed/fluid schedule. Again this could end up with permanent access that could allow for some IV fluids and TPN as needed.

3. We then discussed Eli's secretions and his sleep apnea. He is concerned about the size of Eli's nasal passages...this is something that has been a concern since birth. It was always assumed that they would grow and adjust. That's not happened. We can barely get a 5Fr down one side and a 6Fr down the other. He has put in a referral for plastic surgery and ENT to see about dilating the nasal passages.

4. We discussed Eli's seizures. He's not surprised that we are seeing an increase and a change in those. He warned us that the brain is a weaker point in Mito kiddos like Eli and that Eli is very susceptible to seizures and such, especially when he's body is under any kind of stress. He is in favor of Eli's seizure care being switched over to the epileptologist instead of just the neurologist, and he really likes the one that Eli has already seen.

5. There was also some discussions on a brand new clinical lab that will be opening here in KC in the next 2 or 3 months. They are almost finished with the research labs. They are testing Mitochondria fully for mutations and deletions and such. He has had 1 patient go thru the research piece and they were able to get the last piece of the puzzle and he strongly encourages us to finish this testing with Eli as well. We will go ahead with it, although we don't know how many more diagnosis' we can handle.

6. Lastly we discussed Eli's critical care plans. I voiced my concerns over doctors giving up because of the Mito diagnosis. He discussed end of life, terminal care, and agrees that we aren't at that point and at this point it simply isn't fair to deny Eli ANY medical helps that can possibly help him medically and quality of life wise. He did forewarn that there will come a point where we will need to start questioning EVERY single intervention and picking what is truly "worth" doing, but he strongly believes that we aren't there yet. This was an awkward conversation to have. We know the in's and out's of Mito. We know the statistics. We know what can/will/could happen. These are obviously things that Bob and I have discussed quietly...privately. That being said when a doctor openly discusses these things it's scary and comforting all at the same time. He is going to put together a FULL critical care plan so there shouldn't be as much question as to what we need to do in situations where Eli is struggling.
He mentioned to me that it is hard to expect 1 doctor to know everything about a child as complex as Eli. I told him I understand that, and that Eli has 36 doctors, and I looked him right in the eyes and said..."In the same turn it is hard to expect 2 parents with NO medical training to know everything about what to do." He looked right at me, and quietly responded "We can't be putting this on you, we will get it done." I sure hope he's right. Bob and I can't continue to guess and struggle thru each and every day, it's not fair to Eli. On a slightly funny side note, his geneticist/Mito doctor informed me with a small laugh, that he can see why some are afraid of Eli's complexities, he said that honestly he is too! :)

He has decided to follow Eli every 3 months. He says he normally follows his patients yearly when they are stable, but believes that every 3 months is best for Eli. We tend to agree.

Eli had a rough day with the temps and being out and about. He couldn't handle sitting up in his wheelchair that long and got very tired and droopy. The afternoon brought a lot of napping, and this evening a lot of laying around. Tomorrow is a slow day at home, which will help him catch up a touch.
Monday brings his new cough assist and all of the training involved with that. Next week also brings a recheck with his eye doctor and his neurologist.
I will get another update up in the next few days. Maybe I can even get organized and get some pictures up too! :)

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