Sunday, February 8, 2009

Moved In

We are officially moved into our home. We aren't 100% done unpacking, but almost. We should easily get it finished up this week! The kids are super excited to be here and so are we.
Tomorrow is Ben's 1st day of school. He will be going to school in the afternoons, and we are a bit nervous to see how that goes. He still takes naps quite a bit in the afternoon, so we are hoping he'll do ok without.
Emily and Jace are enjoying school so that's a good thing. They have gotten situated on the bus and in their classes.
Ari has her evaluations Thursday to get her occupational and speech therapies restarted. Other than that she's just staying busy! :)
I promise to get some blogging and photos done this week!

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Jodi said...

Good to hear from you! Take care of you and your family and let us know how everything is going! Jodi