Monday, August 27, 2007


I have decided to start a permanent dedicated blog, that is not hosted on myspace and such. This allows me to have one space that anyone can come read without having to have a myspace account. This is an advantage and a slight disadvantage as well. This allows me the opportunity to post whatever I would like and to really say everything I'm thinking and feeling, but it also scares me to be that honest knowing that everyone may be reading it.
So I've decided to set a "rule". You are more than welcome to read my blog anytime you would like. BUT please know that I am going to use this blog to say whatever I would like. I will not be responsible for anyone becoming upset or supposedly offended by anything that I post. This is my place to say whatever is on my mind, my own personal haven.
That being said lets have fun! I will begin blogging and will try and maintain a consistent and updated blog!

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