Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Updates and Calls for Help!!!

So many changes in our life and I'm anxious but so very ready!

First, we are moving.  We are moving back to Wichita.  The opportunity came up, and it was to good to pass up.  We have been working on packing, slowly but surely.  We will be running the first load to Wichita this weekend, but not officially moving until the 24th.  The kids are mostly excited, a bit sad to leave behind some friends, but excited to get home to our friends and family there.

Secondly, It's official! I have decided to sell Mary Kay. I met an amazing woman at a fundraising event, and we got to be friends. I tried out some of their new products and fell in love!! I have decided that this feels like a perfect fit for me! 
I want to go into this always remembering that everyone is a unique individual, with a unique sense of style, desires, budgets, and goals. 
My goal is to grow with myself and with the company. I want to use my profits to pay for Eli's headstone AND to do a whole lot of fundraising and donating for Mitochondrial Disease.
Please visit my website and look around! Ask any questions that you have and I would love to chat by phone, in person, help set up facials or parties, and get you started with these amazing products! You do NOT have to be local. I can deliver products to you and am also more than willing to ship! I will do free shipping for any orders over $75!!!!
I have an order goal that I have set for myself and I have 10 more days to reach it! Please help me reach this goal! Every person who places an order will be entered into a drawing for free product AND if I reach my order goal in the next 10 days I will donate 25% of my profits to the UMDF. 
Please order and please pass this along as well! Thank you for your continued support!!

Life is super busy these next 2 weeks.  Emily has an orchestra concert and a choir concert.  Jace has an orchestra concert.  We have 2 school events.  We have our final night of our family grief support group.    We have parents teacher conferences, an IEP mtg, a team mtg, and a SIT team mtg.  This doesn't include violin lessons, choir practice, flag football practice, and all of that.

Our biggest activity these next few weeks is we are visiting the hospital where Eli passed away.  We have finally finished sorting and labeling all of the books, toys, electronics, and activity kits and will be taking everything to the hospital this friday to donate.  We have so many things that we will be using a moving truck to help get it all there.  This is because of YOU guys.  You have been amazing in donating to Eli's Promise over these last 5 months.  We are so blessed, and it has warmed our hearts to know that so many people loved our little man and that he touched so many lives.

I'm nervous about going as this will be a very emotional time for all of us.  The kids are off school that day, my parents will be in town, and many friends and even some of Eli's doctors and team will all be meeting us there!  

So how are we other than all of the above?  Busy.  I'm doing the best I can to keep busy and get thru the days and times.  I'm so very ready to be back home and the time can't come fast enough.  I will miss Eli so very much, but will be looking for just the perfect spot to move him this summer.  

The thoughts of leaving our home, the last place that we will ever live that we shared with Eli is also daunting.  There is a part of me that can't wait to get away from the empty spaces that further remind me what I've lost, but there is the other part of me that feels a bit of comfort from being in his room and such.  

We are at 5 months, 1 week, 3 days, 7 hours, 36 minutes, and 48 seconds.  I still have that feeling that if I can just make it a touch longer that this will all be over with.  

One final request.  There is a group called Mito Wishes Upon a Star that sponsors children with Mito for the holiday season.  Our family has done this every year.  We have loved shopping for a child and sending them gifts, and always enjoy seeing the pictures posted as the kiddos open their gifts.  They are in need of more sponsors this year.  Sadly more and more children are being diagnosed with Mito and the goal is to help each and every one this Christmas season!  Please please consider supporting a child this year!  You can find the group on facebook or email me at ejbamommy@gmail.com and I can get you hooked up with them!  Thank you!

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life goes on, do your best