Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What a Day!!!

Eli woke up this morning beeping.  Bob went in assuming we just simply needed to reposition his pulse ox cord.  Not the case.  Eli's HR was bouncing up and down between 110 and 246.  It did this repeatedly for 20 minutes.  We of course immediately called his doc.  By this point his breathing was a bit goofy and his heart murmor was a mess.
He had us immediately bring Eli into urgent care.  Between the HR and the fact that pee and poop have been few and far between since Sunday he was concerned. 
So we get there and he gets a KUB (belly xray) and it shows he's backed up.  Then we meet with the doctor.  They order an EKG and a chest xray.  EKG looks ok at this point. 
They ran labs but we haven't gotten them back yet.  They spoke with Eli's GI doc and his cardiologist.  They decided with his heart history and Mito in general that they will be having Eli do cardiac halter event monitoring for a month.  He will have to wear it continuously.  In the mean time they are setting him up with his cardiologist for a followup and ECHO. 
So basically we know that Eli is having SVT's, but we don't know why.  They are concerned that the mitochondria could be breaking down and causing obstructions in his heart.
This changes alot currently in our life.  Eli's surgery will again need to be postponed as he is no longer cleared cardiac wise. Also this again throws another heart component into our life.  We aren't sure if this is another progression with Mito or just a one time "fluke". 
We were at the hospital for almost 6 hrs.  So now we are exhausted and my mind is spinning with all of the new info.  I will get more info up as we know more.

His primary doc just called.  The chest xray and labs are officially back.  Eli has pneumonia, lower left lobe.  So they are starting Eli on antibiotics.  Eli is still sleeping as he's exhausted from the day.  Now to figure out the heart.

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