Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our "Set"

Sometimes people think that being a parent of a special needs kiddo is glamarous and exciting and always busy.  They picture it like a TV show "Set" with alarms beeping and people running around with IV's and syringes and medication and such.  The truth is sometimes it is like that BUT most of the time it's not.  Our life is like any other...sometimes even boring.
So here's what I've done?!
Wanna see a sneak peak inside of our special needs family life on Saturday March 2nd at 5:30pm???
I know my dear sweet hubby isn't in any of these pics but he isn't here right now.  Sad times!

Eli being incredibly ornery in the play room.  He's finally figured out how to climb up there but is a bit unsure about always sliding down the slide by himself.

A close-up of his ridiculously beautiful little face!!!

Ariana caught NOT cleaning her room.

Ariana with her NOT clean room.  She's been cleaning for 9 1/2 hrs so far.  She is clearly not done!!

Benjamin sound asleep.  He was watching Flicka for the 2nd time today but apparently was more interested in napping!

Benjamin in his favorite PJ's.  He's way to big for them and they are oh so worn out but he refuses to get rid of them and if he's not in school he LIVES in them!

Jace actually still awake for Flicka!  Cuddled up under the favorite blanket in the house.

His adorable face and the remnants of his sore lips from this last round of cold.  The cold is always so brutal on his face.

My preteen compete with her unmade bed, Bieber posters, and Enter at your own risk sign!

watching who knows what show on her kindle.  She's to old to hang out with us anymore!  :)

Mom finishing up the dinner that Lauren and I started.  Lauren and I made homemade gnocchi and now mom is using that to make gnocchi mac and cheese!

Lauren partly watching Flicka with the boys and helping Eli up and down the slide.  She's on her 6th day straight of work so she's clearly getting sleepy.  On the plus side she and I did curl up today and watch our newest episodes of "Chicago Fire" and "New Girl" while Eli napped!

Lastly ME!  Don't I look amazing.  Bummy clothes, hair a mess and not a drop of makeup.  Glamourous huh?  Just like all the TV mom's!  :)

Wishing your life was this exciting too?!  Like I said there are definitely moments of our life that are beyond busy and hectic and frantic.  Where sometimes it looks like the medical TV shows.  My complaint is that we don't have anyone that comes and cleans up the set after the fact?!  Totally have to look into getting those kind of people!  I would love it if they stocked the set too and made it all pretty and perfect and everything at my finger tips!  AMAZING!

Here's to hoping that everyone is having the same type of boring, mundane, NORMAL, HEALTHY saturday evening that our family is!

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