Friday, July 27, 2012

End of the Week

Eli had a fairly quiet week appt wise.  We had PT, OT and sign this week in home.  He got his new glasses (which didn't fit and we have had to reorder).  He also got his new ear molds in for his hearing aids.  Today we meet with his dermatologist to follow up on everything going on with his skin.  The meds worked on the tinea and it is completely cleared up.  His HFM is looking better although his toes on his left foot are really struggling and the doc gave some suggestions.  The biggest issue is the rash on Eli's face.  We've been battling it for almost a year now and nothing is helping.  It's spreading onto his jaw line as well onto the bridge of his nose.  The left cheek is horrible.  The doc is no longer sure what it is or what to do about it.  He has prescribed a stronger med and if no changes in 2 weeks then he's sending Eli to the plastic surgeon for some biopsies that will have to be done under anesthesia.  We are hoping it doesn't come to that. 
Here is the main one on the left cheek.

Here are all 5 of my kiddos a few days ago looking super cute!

The olders are all pretty good.  We have stayed pretty busy this week.  Emily has been working hard on her violin.  Jace has enjoyed these slightly cooler days and has been outside alot with his friends.  Ben has been out and about some with his respite worker.  He met with his primary med doc today and she has decided to put him back on his primary med.  The school hated it because he stims more on it they claim but his OCD and anxiety is so much better on it.  His doc is ordering a strong sensory diet while in school to help.  Ari has been pretty good.  Talking up a storm like always.  This last week she has taken to calling Bob "Daddy" and it melts his heart.  She bats her little eyes and says it and he loves it!  She's all about him, always has been. 

I've been working out every morning.  I've started going to the gym at 6am to be able to get my workout in.  It's not been as rough as I expected and I've still been able to get my 3 miles in with my run/walks and I even got my leg workout in this morning!

That's about all for now.  I will update more soon.  We are in the final drive of the summer.  Jace's 9th birthday is in 2 weeks and school starts in 3 weeks!  It gets to be a busy time around here!

Oh I almost forgot.  The final addition to our family (for now according to my children)
Eli's puppy, Ophelia, joined us yesterday.  Eli and Ophelia picked each other out a few weeks ago and she was finally able to come home yesterday.  She is a great pyrenees.  They will go thru training together for Ophelia to be trained to be Eli's helper.  They both stay close together all ready and love each other so very much!
Eli giving Ophelia kisses and love

Ophelia on her car ride home.

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