Sunday, June 24, 2012

Surgery and Recovery Overview

Monday morning we called up to CMH to get our surgery and admission orders.  Eli was admitted at 4pm Monday afternoon.  The goal was to get an IV running and get him switched over to fluids to be ready for a 7:30am surgery start time.  It took 9 hrs to get the IV.  We finally got access around 1:30am.  It wasn't for lack of trying.  We had multiple failed attempts, blown IV's, etc.  It was a mess.  They screwed up his formula orders and med orders as well, so it was all in all a disaster.  He did end up making it to surgery on time.  He was back for around 2 hrs.  They weren't able to do the surgery laprosopically, and ended up having ot cut him open.  He was pretty sore and groggy for the rest of the day.  He had alot of problems this time with nausea, and kept choking and retching and dry heaving to the point of turning purple.  It wasn't a fun recovery.  He came home on Wednesday afternoon with his cath.  By Thursday afternoon he had blood in his cath, by early evening it was bleeding ALOT.  Called surgery and they had me bring him in.  By the time we got there he was no longer peeing and it was just blood.  He passed a blood clot and then alot more blood and then it stopped.  They sent him home to lay low and rest.  Yesterday morning all looked good.  By yesterday afternoon there was blood again.  Called surgery and they decided to pull the cath.  So we did that yesterday evening.  He did pee last night, still blood in the urine.  One pee this morning so far.  We are hoping if he rests and lays low that the bleeding will stop today. 
His pain does well as long as he gets 4 doses of tylenol a day.  He's still really tired, which is to be expected.  Like always Eli is my fighter.  He has pulled thru this like a champ!
Our family on the other hand is exhausted.  Bob and I have hardly slept this week.  My headaches are thru the roof, and my blood pressure has been elevated.  Life is really catching up with my physically. 
I will get more updates up soon, but I wanted to get a basic surgery overview up.

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