Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quick Eli updates

Pancreas labs are back and they all look good.  The biggest immediate concern is that that Eli is again constipated which is requiring another full clean out.  This for Eli can be torturous and we have to be careful to avoid diarrhea.  The problem being we just tried to stop the miralax as it was causing alot of diarrhea, but without it he's constipated.  We can't seem to get to a happy medium.  We are wondering if we are simply pushing to much into the intestines in a 24 hr time frame. 
We are going to lay low this week and hope to keep everything smooth as we have surgery coming up on Tuesday.  He will be admitted Monday and switched over to IV fluids and meds.  His geneticist has also sent over a detailed list of surgery precautions and anesthesia instructions as well as detailed instructions on what to do with his meds for his adrenal insufficiency.  Hopefully this will help keep his cortisol levels a bit more stable.  He is obviously at a greater risk for hypoglycemia and seizures with the anesthesia and the stress to the body from the surgery BUT hopefully we can help give his body some supports. 
At his PAT (preadmissions testing appt) they were detailed and organized. They know Eli so well at this point. The head of the anesthesia dept has been notified and will again be notified on Monday. He will be running everything on Tuesday.
I'm not ready for surgery.  I'm just not.  Not that I'm EVER really READY but I feel even less ready this time, nervous.  I'm not exactly sure why, I just am. 
As of right now it will just be me at the hospital during Eli's surgery.  We are hoping to figure something out for the kids but unsure yet.  Maybe that's why I'm more nervous than normal. 

Anyways.  The older 4 are busy this week with VBS, and next week Emily has strings camp each evening.  They are enjoying their summer and staying super busy.
I will update more soon.

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