Friday, November 4, 2011

Phone call with pulmonology

Just when I think I'm as emotionally drained as is imaginably possible I'm hit again.

We have been working closely with Eli's docs to figure out the secretion issues and the medication issues. The robanol is definitely helping with secretions but it's also causing issues with Eli's heart. Ultimately Eli needs to be taken off the robanol. Eli's pulmonologist called me today and chatted with me for almost 20 minutes. He believes that with Eli's diagnosis of Mito(and the progression involved), plus his esophageal motility, plus the hypotonia and the respiratory issues that we are looking at the need for a long term permanent fix. He told me he feels a very strong connection to Eli and our family and that he really wanted to talk to me in person but he believes we are hitting the point where we need to have a care team meeting and discuss a trach. He believes that this is going to be a more permanent solution for Eli that helps protect his heart. I began crying immediately and the compassion in his voice was overwhelming. He really really cares about what is best for Eli and for our family. He is calling together eli's primary docs as well as his geneticist and cardiologist and wants to sit down with us and go over what's going to be best.
I'm terrified. This is something we have been warned could be discussed some day but we didn't expect it this soon. We are going to obviously be questioning everything and push on what other less invasive options are available. In the mean time his pulmonologist is calling all of the docs and is going to check in with me on monday to get this all set up.
I will update more as we know more.

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Beth said...

WOW! What a blow. I know all of Eli's health needs are very overwhelming. I am so sorry things aren't going better for you. You will be in my prayers. I know God has the perfect plan for you all as a family, and a perfect plan for Eli's life. God be with you all.