Monday, November 21, 2011

Individual updates

I apologize for how far behind I am. So much has happened and it has been hard for me to actually sit down and put it all together.
Things won't really be in chronological order as it's to much to keep track of that way.

Eli ~ We have met with the pulmonologist, cardiologist, and the ENT. They are all agreeing that the trach is the way to go. The ENT also is considering tubes in his ears. His left ear drum isn't moving and it is a different color and the doc believes it has fluid trapped behind it. He will most likely do the tubes during Eli's surgery in January. He will also either do a full scope or the trach, depending on the final decision. We are still awaiting the care conference. Eli also had a rough week last week. He stopped peeing and pooping. He also had a seizure. The first day he lost 17 oz, then gained 20, then lost 18, then gained and lost some more. He ended up in the ER on friday after no pee and the seizure. Lots of labs and IV fluids. He finally started peeing but it still isn't back to normal. He also finally had a movement after 4 1/2 days but again still not back to normal. He's been incredibly tired and has had alot of temperature maintenance issues. We aren't sure what is going on with him and we are hoping that it regulates itself quickly, because the doctors also have no idea what is going on.
In other big Eli news he is getting his Comfy Lift Bed!!! Some amazing Mito moms got together and held a fundraiser for my little man. They had the entire bed, plus shipping, plus a spare cover paid for in right over 24 hrs!! We are so blessed and so damn lucky to have such an amazing support system in our lives! I can't imagine this journey without them.

Emily ~ Life is fun with a preteen. I don't know how many eye rolls, hair flips, sighs, and her ignoring us that I can deal with. She can be the sweetest most helpful amazing girl and the next minute she can be a holy terror. It's fun times all around. She's trying to stretch her independence and we allow her as much space as possible. She now has her ears double pierced, wears strange feathers in her hair, wears sleeveless gloves, is addicted to black and neon green, and listens to music I have never even heard off! It's interesting to say the least. We give her this freedom as long as she keeps up with her responsibilities. She's still maintaining all A's and is keeping up her extras. She is in all the advanced programs, as well as now helping out every Friday in a kindergarten classroom with some special needs kiddos. She's very active in student counsel still and enjoying that. She's loving choir, and has even been selected for a solo in the Christmas concert. She's loving violin, and is preparing for her first strings concert as well. In other words she stays super busy with school, activities, and driving her parents insane!

Jace ~ He's doing decent. His meds seem to go in waves on if they are working well or not. We aren't sure why that is. We will be meeting with both of his primary doctors next week to discuss how the meds are going. His new IEP is in place and we are hoping to start seeing some changes. He's struggling a bit with Speech as he gets older. His stubbornness is starting to shine thru and his ST has had some issues getting him to participate and work hard. He will start his state testing in December and with the new plans in place we are hoping to see some improvement. He's still enjoying school and we are so thankful for that. He is finding some new activities to enjoy around the house as well, one of those being some craft projects and music! He also loves his playtime with Eli. They play brotherly rough and tough, which normally involves flying thru the house on Eli's car (with his helmet on of course). Eli loves this time and so does Jace!

Benjamin ~ He's doing decent. This last week he had a weight loss BUT all in all he has still gained 4 1/2 lbs. Which for Ben is HUGE. He's still horribly underweight but a gain is a gain! We are still trying to find ways to get more water into him, that has definitely been a slower process. He's doing ok in school, but still struggling to stay focused sometimes. He's doing decent with his spelling words, but not so great getting his homework done. He has made a friend at school it seems and has come home a few times very excited about playing with him. He's spending alot of time playing the Wii still and is loving it! He has also figured out some of the games on our cell phones and enjoys that as well. He's been working on some basic self help goals, mainly showering and getting dressed in the morning. He's not there yet but doing well learning!

Ariana ~ She's absolutely loving school! She has made many friends and enjoys the activities and the interactions. She's learning some new things and is very happy with it all! When she's home she enjoys playing with her dolls and has been enjoying some of the Wii games. Her favorite game is JumpStart and she's learning so much with it. She loves her mornings with the big kids gone so she can rule the big TV and do her things. She's still girly as ever and that's always interesting for the rest of us. Her hair is now halfway down her back and she loves it! Always fun for the rest of us to get to maintain it though!

Bob and I ~ It's always so hard to say how we are. Bob has had some major GI flair ups and has even ended up in the ER. Changed around some of his meds and it's doing much better. I've had multiple migraines lately. We've been busy with the kids and the house. I've been working my way thru 5 quilts, so far I have 3 1/2 done. I'm also working on a crochetted blanket for Eli. I even read a book this month!

This weekend we are going to go to Wichita for thanksgiving! It will be nice to get away for a few days and visit with family and friends. We will also celebrate Eli's birthday as he will be 2 on December 1st. My how time flies! More updates this weekend!

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