Friday, October 7, 2011

Quick Update

It's been a slow week, which was very much needed.
Eli's allergies have been causing him some issues, which has caused the choking & gagging to come back. Finally got orders from his doctor today and we are going to try and double his allergy meds as well as continuing with the spray. Next step will be to either find a new allergy med, add another one, or to up his meds that help keep his secretions low. We shall see. He had his ASL playgroup again today and fell and hit his head fairly hard. He's doing ok so far, so that's good. He also is apparently allergic to something at playgroup and has a rash all over his hands and face. Not sure what it is.

The others are doing well. Tonight we are going to the oldest 3's school for a Family Bingo night. The kids are excited about that.

More updates later this weekend.

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