Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quick Check In

Eli has had a rough day. His allergies are getting worse and worse. He's choking and gagging more. The side of his face is now swollen and he's pulling on his ear. Low grade fever and slightly elevated heart rate. I spent the entire day talking with docs. Endocrine and pulmonology both want to see him ASAP. Pulm got his labs back. His iron was high and his feratin (protein in iron) was low. They aren't sure what's up with that or what to do about it at this point. He has been incredibly clingy all day. With him being sick the rest of his body is attempting to keep up. His blood sugars have been low today so that's taking some adjusting.

Emily is doing well. She had student counsel today, and has continued to stay busy with choir and strings. She has all A's and is doing good with her studies.

Jace is doing super. His new meds are AMAZING. We are shocked by how he's been. He's calm and quiet, and respectful and has been super focused on his work and everything. We are curious for parent teacher conferences to see how he's doing in school.

Ben is doing a bit better. We are going to be raising his meds back up to a full dose, and hopefully that takes this last bit of issue away. He's eating decent, although still struggling with his weight. School is still reporting some attention issues, but working to come up with a better plan. His new IEP is in place and we are super happy with it. He has even more than we had hoped for!

Ari is ok. She's enjoying school, and making some friends there. She's enjoying having her little "homework" backpack, which is a book to bring home and share with the family. She's still struggling with eating at home, and trying to find her place with her siblings. Alot of defiance. Hoping as she's in school that she settles in more.

We started all of our ASL classes last week. The kids enjoyed them. Ari isn't able to go, and we aren't sure if Ben is going to be able to handle going, but Emily and Jace will definitely continue. Bob and I enjoyed the adult class as well and feel like we will learn alot.

More updates over the next few days as I get more information on what's going on / what we will change/do with little man.


Jodi said...

Praying for Eli!!!! And praying the doctors can work together and figure out the best way to make him feel better :)

Anonymous said...

I was lucky to find your ejbamommy.blogspot.com blog. I'm so amazed by your way of thinking and writing. Have you thought about writing a book?