Thursday, September 22, 2011

Song and Quote

What a day so far. Eli had therapy this morning, OT and PT. He did decent at OT, exploring some new textures and working with some grasping skills. Also alot of hand/eye coordination work. Then he headed over to PT. She stood him up behind a walker and he walked halfway across the room!!! By the time he got to the other side he was exhausted and his little legs were shaking and he just toppled over.

Afterwards I needed to run to Green Acres for Eli's probiotics. Eli was in his wheelchair and had his tray with his toys attached. A little girl was drawn to him and spent some time playing with him. We got to chatting with her mom. She asked us about Eli and his diagnosis. We chatted openly about Mitochondrial disease and how it affects our little man. We chatted with her about it being awareness week and how there is so little awareness about Mito. We gave her one of Eli's cards. Come to find out she is a TV producer and has done some work with Discovery Health and such. I was shocked. I hope that meeting our little man will plant that thought in her mind to go out and learn about Mito and to help spread awareness as well. Heavens knows that a disease like this needs awareness!! As we got into the van my phone dinged. It was an email that a dear friend of our had posted a video with us tagged. I sat in the parking lot, listening...crying.

I was again reminded how blessed we are. My little man is such a warrior, if only we could be as strong as him.

Upon getting home I saw a quote a friend had posted. It made my heart flutter.

I will share the quote and song here, as maybe it will do the same for others.

"Some people never meet their heros, I gave birth to mine."

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