Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last week ended fairly quietly. Eli had therapy and just laid low at home resting. We got all of his new equipment started, which has been way more of an adjustment than expected.
This weekend we spent time together as a family relaxing. We went to the park on saturday. We spent over 2 hrs there. It was great! The park is huge with walking paths and lakes and tons of areas to explore, as well as the playgrounds. Eli loved being outdoors.
We watched some movies, I worked on some quilting and we just hung out. The kids played alot of Wii. Ben is currently addicted to it.
Monday brought a few appts, as well as Eli's therapy. He worked a bit with the ipad, and his in home physical therapist brought him a gait trainer to use here at home until his comes in.
These next few days bring multiple appts. The most important being the Mito doc here in KC, on Thursday. This is the doctor that we came to see in January. This is when Eli crashed at the Ronald McDonald house and ended up being rushed by ambulance to CMH. We are finally going to be seeing him this Thursday. I'm nervous and excited. Eli really needs someone local on his team who truely gets mito.

Emily ~ She is doing well. Enjoying choir and violin. She was voted by her class to be in student counsel and has her 1st mtg today. She's enjoying school and is making some friends. A little girl from her class called yesterday and asked if Emily wants to get together later this week. She's also received her first book for her book club and is excited for their first mtg in Oct.

Jace ~ Jace is ok. He's on another medication adjustment right now and hopefully it will see more benefit. He's still on a food strike and has lost a substantial amount of weight. He and I meet with his doctor today to find out what next. His GI system is doing much better with the change of diet..now if only we could get him to eat enough. He also has his 1st book for book club and will have his 1st mtg in Oct as well. School has gotten his IEP in place and he is working with speech twice a week, and enjoying working with his new speech therapist.

Ben ~ Ben is a mess. When he's on his new med he's a mess at school and decent at home. Now that his doc is weaning him off of it, because of the school's complaints, he's a mess at home. Unsure yet how he is doing at school. We will be calling the doc to find out what next. We also have his IEP mtg tomorrow so we will get more info as well. Ben's current addiction is the Wii, specifically the game lumberjacks. He wants to play from sun up to sun down. It's been a challenge. He's eating decently and is at least maintaining his weight right now.

Ari ~ She's loving school. She's such a social girl and is really enjoying making friends and being around so many kids her age. She's hit or miss with the food, and is doing a baseline job of maintaining her weight.

Bob and I ~ same, same. Just keeping up with the house, and the 4 olders, and Mr Eli. This week begins our family sign language classes at the Kansas School for the Deaf. Everyone but Ari and Eli gets to go an participate. We are excited to get to learn more and meet more families.

I will get pictures up later today from the weekend. Currently blogger photo upload is a mess.

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