Saturday, May 7, 2011


We are in KC.  We got here yesterday.  As of yesterday morning Ben was still struggling alot.  He wasn't able to stand up still and was hardly drinking.  We all loaded up and headed to KC.  He drank some sips of pedialyte on the road.  When we got here he actually had a bit of energy and ate some applesauce and drank some more pedialyte.  He was moving slower, but atleast moving on his own.  His sensory issues are in major overload.  By last night he all of a sudden had a meltdown and freaked out for food and drink.  He ate 2 mini cheeseburgers, drank an apple juice and a whole cup of water.  Last night he didn't have any nightmares.  This morning he's having trouble staying warm and ate a few bites for breakfast, but he did drink his juice.  Hoping to see more improvement as the day goes on.

Eli had his pediatrician check up yesterday as well.  His ears aren't still infected.  His allergies are so out of control that there is a ton of pressure behind his ear drums which is causing them to hurt, as well as causing them to be flat on the tympanogram.  The doc put him on allergy meds and is hoping that makes a difference.  So that is 2 new meds in 2 days.  Lovely.

We will spend the rest of the weekend in KC.  I feel better being closer to the childrens hospital right now as we make sure Ben is solidly on the road to recover.  The kids and I will probably head back to Wichita Monday morning assuming all is well.

More updates soon.

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