Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Running in Circles

Sometimes I feel as though I spend every day running in circles, not always sure how much actually got accomplished.
The good news is the kids are back in school. So my house is way quieter! :) I'll take a brief moment to update on each!
Emily~ She is in the 3rd grade this year. Real homework and less recess. She's doing well though. She's joined a reading program at her school called Battle of Books and it begins tomorrow. She's super excited about that, as reading is still something she loves!
Jace~ He's in the 1st grade this year. Right now has been a big kindergarten review, and somehow he's retained way more than we expected! Super happy about that. He will be starting Tae Kwon Do in a week and a half, and that will keep him busy 2 nights a week.
Benjamin~ He's in PreK this year. He's in the same autism program, same teacher, same classroom, and many of the same students. This suits him perfectly! He's still 5 afternoons a week, no full days until next year. He's enjoying being back on his stricter routine and schedule.
Ari~ She's still at home with me this year. She's starting to think about potty training and I'm super thrilled about that. She's still in OT, and doing well with that!
I'm 24 weeks pregnant now. Time is flying way faster than ever before. Everything has been going great with the pregnancy and Eli is growing and becoming more and more active.
I've been doing alot of knitting lately for myself and for other people. I've decided to finally go ahead and start my own business knitting. I'm super excited and already have alot of people wanting things made. It will keep me busy in all my free time! :)
Other than that not much new. Life continues, same old same old!

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CNH said...

You do GREAT work Heather! I'd be happy to let you use some of my photos for your business if you'd like. :)