Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ultrasound and Updates

Yesterday was our sono. Babes was head down and very uncooperative for her being able to see most of the organs that they check on. She said it was however super easy to see that babes is a BOY! He weighed in at 11oz, and his HB was 170. All that she was able to see looked good! He was measuring 3 days ahead putting my due date on Dec 18th. We are almost 20 weeks, halfway done. WOW!!! His name will be Elias Richard, and we will call him Eli.

Other than that. We just got the kids enrolled in school today. Benjamin is in PreK this year, Jace 1st and Emily 3rd. They are getting so old. We met with Ben's teacher today and our big goal for the year is potty training. We'd like Ben to be in a "normal" kindergarten class with support and all agree that this would definitely help make that a bit easier. We will start working on potty every hour. They will do the same at school. Ariana will be the only one at home until the baby gets here around Christmas. I'm thinking school starting will be hardest on her, as she will lose all her playmates.

Bob has been job hunting TONS, and has had multiple interviews. He has another interview on Friday. We've expanded our search out to the entire Kansas and Missouri area, and are just hoping something comes up soon.

The basement at my parents house flooded and we are now all 8 living in 1400 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. It's been a bit cozy but is actually not been bad. The living room has been done up beautifully and the kids have tons of play and Wii area. They've loved having so much space to play the Wii. My dad has had mold experts and contractors in and they will be starting in the next week or 2. The entire basement will be ripped out and has to be cleaned and redone, including all the foundation repair. (all but the 2 storage rooms.) Fun stuff. It will be fairly time consuming we are guessing.

Other than that not much going on. I'm off to go make some no-bake cookies! YUMMMMMY!

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