Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brian's Texts Revealed

Most of you know alot of what has been going on with Bri and I. Some of you know everything and have read all of the texts. some of you only know little bits and pieces. I finally had to block Brian from my cell phone to make the harrassment stop. This was done on June 23rd. He has spent most of the last few months harrassing me and threatening me and I've absolutely had enough. I've had to call the police once and file a harrassment report, and they advised then that I block him from my phone. I waited hoping it would get better. It didn't. Below I've posted 2 days of the last text messages that I received from Brian. I figured the best way to do it was simply post WORD for WORD everything that was said. I still have these on my phone for proof directly sent FROM BRIAN for anyone who doesn't believe that the below text isn't word for word unedited. It has taken me some time and thinking to decide if this is definitely what I wanted to do and I've decided that honesty is by far the best policy.
The kids haven't seen Brian since March, and Brian hasn't paid a penny for his children since February. Brian has never once called to speak to them or ask about them and has only talked to them when I've called so they can say hi. He hasn't spoken to them at all since father's day.
To preface where the 1st series begins. Fathers day. the kids call to say happy fathers day. he informs emily that he doesn't want to spend time with her. she freaks out and throws the phone. I wasn't on the phone so i can't guarantee what was said. all i can go off of is what my almost 9 year old daughter says.
Also SRS has not contacted me even though brian has been telling me he called them on me since February. So I'm pretty sure I would have heard from them by now. Brian is the only one SRS has been called on, and he was fully investigaged by DHS in Iowa for allegedly abusing Jace. I have NEVER had SRS called on me. Bri just LOVES to make threats as you will see.
The below 2 conversations are INCREDIBLY mild compared to normal, but these are the only 2 I saved. If ever needed for court I already have all the information to pull all the texts from my cell phone company.

The texts starting with a B are obviously something Bri said and the texts starting with an H are obviously something I said. Unedited. Enjoy.

June 21 8pm
H:"why the fuck did you just tell your daughter you don't want to spend time with her? she's freaking out. thanks alot."
B:"i said i want to spend time with them alone not with you and bob. i can't wait for SRS to take them in a couple weeks."
B:"i didn't tell her that. i told her i wanted to spend the with the kids not you and bob."
H:"that isn't what she says. i believe her over you. and no srs is involved. nice try."
H:"you fucked up big time. your daughter is done with you."
B:"yes they are."
H:"nope they aren't. nice try though. your an idiot adios. your oldest 2 have no interest in talking to you anymore. you fucked up big time."
B:"of course they don't their only source of info is their whore mother."
H:"she heard the words directly from you. you stepped way over the line this time. kids don't forget. no turning back now. it's out of my hands."
B:"she misheard what i said. alienation of the affection is grounds for automatic forfeiture of custody too. cool stuff you are doing."
H:"i didn't do this. you did. i can't make her talk to you."
B:"nope you just lost."
H:"nope. adios. you fucked up."
B:"i have records. you dont"
H:"you don't have shit."
B:"the fact that you still put out for bob shows what a hypocrite you are."
H:"i have no clue what you are talking about. you're an idiot."
B:"because of you the kids have no one in their regular day to day live to look up to."
H:"They have more now than ever."
B:"you and bob are both failures. your parents are nobodies who just make my custody case that much easier."
H:"bye bri"
B:"the kids would be better off being raised by a ghetto nanny than with you."
H:"bye bri"

June 23rd 7:25am
B:"You have two weeks to surrender custody or I'm having you committed."
B:"and if i hear about you posting one more bad thing about me, the one who bought you the new body you just threw away, you will have a defamation suit to"
B:"deal with on top of losing the kids."
H:"stop harrassing and threatening me. goodbye."
B:"i am not harrassing you. we can do this the easy way or the hard way"
H:"the easy way being you pay child support and visit and call your children and be a part of their lives. the hard way being you threatening harrassing and abusing me. goodbye brian."
B:"your behavior the past six months is not becoming of a fit parent, let alone a parent of children with my superior pedigree."
H:"go away brian. next text is a harrassment report filed. adios."
B:"you are brainwashing the children. that is beyond unacceptable."
B:"furthermore you are to refer to yourself as heather gray from here on out."
H:"legally i'm heather moore and you can't change that ass fuck. stop fucking texting me."
B:"we already agreed that a trust will be established for child support."
H:"no we didn't agree to shit. stop fucking texting me."
B:"silence is complicity so you agreed by default."
H:"nope. stop fucking texting me. get it thru your god damn thick skull. you are harrassing me. enough is enough. stop fucking texting me."
B:"you kidnapped and brainwashed my children and moved them to an unsafe home. that gives of the right to text you all i want."
H:"you have lost the privelege to contact me on my cell phone because of your constant abuse. your number will be blocked by the end of the day. if you need to contact me you can call (this says my home number). thank you and goodbye."
B:"it is not a privelege it is a right in exchange for every minute i allow you have to the children."
B:"you block me and the next contact from of will be srs coming to take the kids and the sheriff coming to take you to st joe."
H:"stop contacting my cell phone. you will be blocked and you have been given my home number for contact with the children. goodbye."

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MamaMia said...

What an f'in jerk! It is doubtful he stands a chance of much of anything. Texting is not legally binding, lol. Good luck!!!