Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Weekend

We had a great weekend. We got to spend alot of time together as a family, and Bob and I had some quiet time together without the kids! Sunday Bob and I went on a long walk at the nature center and saw tons of turtles, we took all the kids back on Monday morning! They had a great time feeding them! We saw turtles, a soft shelled turtle, frogs, crane, geese, 3 sets of mother ducks with their babies, and lots of fish. The kids loved it! Emily had a friends bday party to attend Saturday afternoon, and had a great time there! Jace went with his grandparents to see Night at the Museum 2! He loved it! We also spent some time this weekend playing games! Something I haven't done for quite a while but loved! We are definitely adding that to our do more often list! We did some shopping, and TONS of cooking! Last nights dinner was SUPER yummy. Bob and I spent about 6 hours in the kitchen but it was well worth it! Friday evening Bob and I went to dinner and a movie, and that was super nice to get out alone for a bit! We also rented the movie "The Business of Being Born". Great movie! Would definitely reccomend it to anyone!
The big kids are back at school for the next 3 days and then summer! Ben is off this week and then starts extended year on the 8th. He's already missing school and wanted to go. Thursday Emily has a field trip and Jace has a family picnic and graduation! We are all going and he's super excited!
I am officially 25% done with this pregnancy already. Time is flying by. Each pregnancy has gone a bit faster but WOW, this one seems to be flying. All is going well so that's good!
We have a busy few weekends and weeks coming up! Mr Ben's bday is coming up as well and he's super excited to be turning 4! So much happening! Everyone is happy and healthy so no complaints! :)

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