Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Child Support and Alimony are 2 different things.

did you all know that? heck I did. seems pretty logical to me. BUT apparently not everyone in the world is capable of grasping this concept. supporting your children has NOTHING to do with giving your spouse money for themself. kids have expenses. Who would have known? apparently a court has to tell you that you have to support your own children. apparently a court has to be the one to decide if a certain child ever incurs expenses that need paid for. well for only 1 parent. the parent with the children doesn't need a court to order them to provide for the children, they simply do it because that's what a parent does NO MATTER WHAT.
I've been informed that most mothers deserve child support, especially mothers that exhusbands like mine are dating, but I fall on the apparently very short list of ONE mother that doesn't deserve child support. Last time I checked the word CHILD didn't include me. the freaking money isn't to support me it's to support my children. why should i be the only parent busting my ass to support and raise my children. why should every conversation turn into a bash heather session? why does some egotistical assfuck think he can put me down as a mother and a person just because he and i didn't work out as husband and wife. GET OVER IT. i'm a DAMN good mother and NOBODY will tell me any differently, especially someone who doesn't know the first thing about being a parent.
hmmm well sorry about that everyone. i'm done with my ranting and raving. i'm just so sick of the freaking abuse.

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