Thursday, January 8, 2009

Surgeon and family life updates

Today was another ultrasound and then my surgeon's appt. The ultrasound showed a very small fluid pocket on the left side, and nothing on the right side this time. So I will obviously be taking it easy! The doc said it wasn't worth draining so we shall see.
Then I had my surgeon. It was NOT fun. The infection is still going on my right side and isn't closing up. He did a few things (don't want to gross anyone out) and all of a sudden we see something blue inside of me tyring to poke out. The cable that held my drain inside of me. When he took the drain out the cable inside came lose and got stuck right under the skin at the opening of the hole. So the cable wasn't allowing the drain hole to close up, which was allowing tons of stuff inside. So an infection was growing all around the cable. So he took the infection and the cable out. Didn't feel to lovely. Now I'm left with a fingertip sized hole in my side. Now it should close up within 24 to 48 hours and the antibiotics should really be able to kick in and heal everything. Other than that he said everything looked good and was healing well.
Now this evening I'm pretty tired and pretty sore.

I haven't blogged much about everything going on here. So here are some basic updates.
Brian is moving into his own place this weekend. He's excited to get into his own place and start decorating he says. He is staying at Rockwell, and will until he finds a job that he wants in Wichita.
Bob and I have pretty much finished up everything for the move to Wichita. We found a house and have gotten everything taken care of there. We are excited to get moved on the 30th and get situated. Alot to get done between now and then though.
Emily is doing well. She's enjoying being back in school. She's having a great time with her Ipod and her jukebox and spends alot of time searching you tube and such for new songs to add. She's super excited to get back to Wichita.
Jace is not doing so great. His stomach has been acting up alot lately. He's been super constipated to the point of convulsions, intense pain, and vomiting. He's meds are all on their highest level. So he's not been super happy. He is happy to be back in school though and is also super excited about the move to Wichita.
Benjamin has his moments. He's enjoying being back in school. Right now he's been eating a bit more, and I'm loving that! He eats a pretty good breakfast AND lunch! Always good when Ben is willing to eat something. He's been super mimicky and all that lately and that's been grating on my last nerve.
Ariana is doing well. She's such a little princess. She's starting to think about potty training so that is super exciting! She's a little piggy and loves to eat. She's talking lots and is doing great with her therapies.
I promise to get pictures of the kids up this weekend. It's so hard to get them all together for photos. I might just do a photo journey of our weekend! :)

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~* N *~ said...

Icky about the drain/cable thing. Glad it was taken care of! I'm excited for you to be all healed up. Such a journey you've been on!

Good luck with your move! I can't wait to see you back on the board, though I don't know why you can't join now. Maybe you didn't know about it cause everyone moved to it from the other?

Anyway, wishing you good luck all around!