Friday, January 23, 2009

Quick Updates

I'm sorry I'm so behind on blogging. It has been sooo busy around here. We made a last minute trip to Wichita last weekend. When we were there a month ago, we had found a house and everything was situated. Well that feel thru. So we headed back up last minute to do a super fast house hunt. Found a great house and were able to do all the paperwork on the spot. Since we've been home, it's been one thing after the next. I came home from Wichita with a stomach bug, so that was super amazing. The kids had something the week or two before and I thought I was safe, but go figure. Now everyone is better though, so that's a good thing.
I had a surgeon recheck on Tuesday. He said everything looks great. I don't have to wear compression anymore at night, and can even have some breaks during the day. I don't have to go back for 4 weeks now! YEA!! He also said I could take a bath. I'm super excited about that. I've had a tooth ache all week and I'm getting that taken care of today so that will be nice as well.
We've spent alot of time packing, and are probably about 60% done. I hate packing, but I'm getting pretty darned good at it lately! :) We've got everything lined up for the move. We decided to hire movers to help load the truck, so that will take alot of work away from us!
The kids are doing good. Excited for the move. They have 1 week left of school here. We've met with teachers, gotten all the final IEP paperwork, etc. So we are getting all of that wrapped up as well.
Today is Bob's last day of work here in Iowa. It will be nice to have him home next week to get everything taken care of around here and wrapped up!

Emotionally I'm doing pretty good. I'm exhausted, on all fronts. So many things are going on, and I've been so busy there hasn't been alot of time to let it all sink in and to process it. There have been alot of extras on the side as well. Alot of friends and family struggling, and I feel like I haven't really been able to support them as much as I would like too. I've been in a bit of "auto pilot" mode. Right now I think that is the only way that I can make it thru all of this. I just want to apologize to those of you who are wondering what's going on, and thinking that I seem a bit distant. So many feelings and emotions that will someday need to be sorted out.

I will close with a picture of me from my night out in Wichita! :)

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