Friday, September 13, 2013

Mito Awareness Week

What will my topics be?  I could spend the week giving statistics, odds, treatments, definitions etc...  These things are VERY important and helpful.  I do think they are important and I have no problem in the future providing this type of information and websites on where to find it.

But my life is different now, my life is forever changed and I feel like it will be best for me to help with Mito awareness from our side of it.
Some of the things I plan to blog about?

Mito in the end.  How it was for us, what it looked like, what the doctors said, how quickly it can happen.

The lifelong damage, after effects and after shocks.

The financial toll that Mito brings upon families.  (always a hard subject for some)

The physical toll Mito takes on the caregivers.  It's not just an energy depleting disease for the one effected.

Siblings and Mito.

These are just a few of the things I want to talk about this coming week.

Right now my family is working to get thru this weekend.  It's the Mito walk here in KC and I'm terrified.  We will be walking for our little hero, without him by our side.

Please consider joining our family in person at the walk, or as a virtual walker, and/or by making a donation.  All can be done on our team website
Eli's Journey Energy for Life Walk KC

Please check back in often next week for our Mito Awareness week!

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